Insight to the Mind of a Million Faces

by Twisted Illusion

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    releases September 22, 2017

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Worlds Apart
I Wish I Was There
Textbook Tyranny
Social Paradox
Three Strangers
Insight to the Mind of a Million Faces


releases September 22, 2017



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Twisted Illusion Manchester, UK

We are about to release our brand new album "Temple of Artifice".


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Track Name: The Problem With Eternity
Verse 1:
Dancing like a fairy, a fair with a beard
Prancing like a ninja, a ninja with a beard
Life may be hard it may be short it may be sweet
Forever knowing I am incomplete
Eternity is a long time
To sit around ponder the world
High on life!
No control as I start to think
Words are free

Pre chorus:
Time for action and making a stand
One more time!
It's so drawn out I need it to be fair
And not some silly game
Just a pawn!

Dreams are for lazy people
Just some excuse to pin the blame
I measure the failures
By who listening
Dreams are for lazy people
Just some excuse to start again
I can't imagine
A fate worse than shame

Verse 2:
Standing to the sidelines, my life is on a screen
Feeling like I'm helpless, and always unseen
The choice I made
Was one I took, when it came
Always moving forward
Fuck everyone!
What do they know of who I am and what I do
I'm sure if I keep on going
I'll be dead or on top
Who knows what's in between?
It's not for me to know
I'll keep on guessing and go with the flow
Track Name: Nobody's Child
Verse 1:
Just lines on a page
Numbers in a box
My freedom is only
A life of dreams lost
A face for every occasion
I never seem to see
The oncoming pollution

Free yourself!

He is not yours, just nobody's child.

I belong to no one
I am in solitary fashion
I am nobody's child

Verse 2:
Contented and fired up
I wish to see another way
Do I listen and nod?
Should I just never say?
Embrace misfortune
Concluded with blame
Hear no more lies
As you invite in my shame
Track Name: Different Light
Verse 1:
Consider it this time
As you try to say
Let's walk around
Trivial things today
Over and over
Just another story
The same old reasons
For your worries
These days are here to stay
Very little ever goes my way
I'm sure somehow I'll make it work

Pre chorus:
I can't go back
It's gone too far now
I am looking for
A different light

A different light is the space in between
Genius and lunacy I find
A different light is a sign of the time
Caught in a moment from long ago
A different light is the space in between
Genius and lunacy I find

Verse 2:
Everyone sees it and tells me how to live
It's not for you to decide
A waiting person
Who has an open ear
For me to confide
Spewing, slandering
Advice for life
Coaxing me into death
Your little poison pills
To make me grey and old
Helping drive me to the grave

Another time and another place
I'm right behind you
With a straight face
Backed into
Places I can't be
My breakdown
Is yours to see
I'm fighting a losing battle!