Temple of Artifice

by Twisted Illusion

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2nd full length studio album to be released by Manchester based Prog rockers.


released May 28, 2016

All Lyrics by Matt Jones

All Music by Matt Jones, Jess Lawton and Anthony Wilkinson.



all rights reserved


Twisted Illusion Manchester, UK

We are about to release our brand new album "Temple of Artifice".


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Track Name: Imitate Me: Part 1
Imitate me: Part 1

You can't see
What's in front of you
Blind to the world around
Which life do you choose?

A temple of artifice
Consumed with empty passion
Draped with promise
With ludicrous consummation

This void of life
With synthetic probes
It eats you away and makes you so, so cold.

Synthetic overload.
Give me my fix.
My daily uploads, my dopey social tricks
Factitious friend clones
Give me my fix
My stupid uploads, my nonsense fucking clips.

I dare to check my phone.
Hypocrisy ensues
And I feel helpless like another drone.

A mirror of something I hate
I feel forced to engage
Over and over a bleak social suicide

Scrolling, lifelessly.
I am so content now.

Choking, silently.
On trivial rows.

Endless ideas
All around.
This feeling is growing.
It's a temptation from beyond.
Track Name: Freedom to Fail
Freedom to Fail

I'm always watching and thinking inside
Judging and cursing , never evolving
Head held high with a tepid pride?
It's only yourself that you're hurting

I feel forced to be nice
Forced to be kind
Always fighting
To say what is right, oh!

Don't you dare
Box me in
I always see
Past your side

I will be the voice of the night
The fire in the room
I'll scream out the lights
I try to consider
I try to be him
But that just isn't me
Track Name: Hatred is a Virtue
Hatred is a Virtue

Poison glitters the roof
That reaches on forever
A temple to those people
Who aren't exactly clever
Shops consumed with greedy eyes
Filled with goods to choose
A mammoth obsession
To which, you will only lose

I need to buy
Need to try
Need everything I see
Unless you convince me
Then I guess I'll leave it be

I'm a stranger to myself
Hatred is a virtue
Unless you use it well
I'm always fighting someone else
Hatred is a virtue
Unless you use it well

Walk around your palace
Delusions of grandeur
Don't worry about me
I have music, I have life!
Just run along guys
You were always right.
Track Name: Apocalypse... #LOL
Apocalypse... #LOL

A reoccurring dream
Where we fly and talk about Mars bars
I do love to sing and I cherish seeing selfies

Explosions everywhere
A Starbucks over there
I didn't mean to end the world
Am I supposed to care?
Cockroaches will die tonight
No life left in sight
This is all your own fault
It's the reason you die!

There's a bar here in the afterlife
No phones are allowed
All we do is drink gin
And we poke a solemn clown

There's a little dog named Lilly
And she likes to chew your hair
Rivers run like chocolate
And we all like to share

Hey! Put down that phone!
And look into my eyes!
Try some human emotion!?
And nothing that's synthesised!
Track Name: Online and In Line
Online and In Line

My friends aren't really real
They live inside a screen
Telling me they like me
It's really dull and clean

Pointless engagement
Intrusive means
Some things we don't need to know
Life is now delusion

Switch off and tune in
To a purer source, you'll see
Synthesising experience it's not the way to be
Morons are everywhere
Endless updating
Posting. Look at me!
Like I really care?

A masked identity
A means of getting by
Social surroundings
Where the stakes are high
A cyber world
Filled with players and cons
No one is who they say they are
I really don't belong
Track Name: A Moment of Lucidity
A Moment of Lucidity

I'm listening for
All the empty conversation
The thoughts of isolation
Still I know
I'm not alone

Free from me
Who I was and who I'll be
Free from pain
My moment of lucidity

I then falter
I'm not an honest man
Just a copy of who I am
Still I know
I'm not alone
Track Name: Imitate Me: Part 2
Imitate Me: Part 2
Surrounded by loved ones
Consumed by your own emotions
To better your companions

Carry yourself through life
Immersed in a sea of hollow friendships
They mirror what you think you need
Your craving for acceptance
Entices your greed

Lost and consumed
It cleanses you
In this case
Imitate Me

A clouded judgement
Leads to your downfall
With everything at your disposal
You choose to ignore
What is real